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Operating Agreement.jpg

State filing (LLC)
$400 + filing fee 

  •  LLC Documentation

  •  EIN

  • Operating Agreement

  • 1 page website & simple logo *

* Please note that these tasks requires financial investments beyond the initial business entity formation expenses and consult fee​

* All LLC's are non refundable

* LLC's may take 2-4 weeks depending on arrival time from the state

Business Credit.jpg

Business Credit Builder

  • Tier 1 business accounts 

  • Tier 2 business accounts 


By settings up tier 1 and 2 business accounts, using them resp​onsibly, and consistently paying on time, you can gradually establish and improve your business credit

* Assist in applying for business credit (approvals not guaranteed)

Personal Credit.jpg

Personal Credit

  • Inquiry removal (up to 45 days)

  • Tradelines (Additional fees apply)

  • Correcting credit file (up to 3 negative items addressed in a 4-month period)

Grants and application pic.jpg

Grant Writing & Applications 

Researching eligible business grants consists of conducting thorough research to find grants that align with the client's industry, geographic location, and specific eligibility criteria.


  • Evaluate client's grant: analyze the application requirements and guidelines for each grant identified.

  • Customize a proposal: a proposal that aligns with the requirements and objectives of the specific grants selected.

  • Address the granting organization's evaluation criteria.

  • Submitting the Proposal: Follow the grant application process for each grant identified. Pay close attention to submission deadlines, application formats (online, email, or hardcopy), and any additional documents or supporting materials required.

  • Remember, each grant application may require different content, so we can customize the proposal for each application accordingly.

* All grants are subject to time restrictions and are based on multiple factors. Once clients are analyzed to determine eligibility, if the client meets all requirements, we can proceed with submission. However, please note that if the client fails to provide the necessary documentation to complete the process, we cannot be held responsible for missed deadlines.

Childcare mentorship.jpg

Childcare Mentorship

  • State Licensing - minimum state requirements

  • State application filing

  • Facility setup

  • CDA/Director Certification

* For registered / licensed homes or licensed centers (Houston, TX only)

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